NAME: McKenzie Truman
AGE: 21 year old soul
HOMETOWN: Nashville, Tennessee
LIVING: Provo, Utah
OCCUPATION: Actress, model, stylist, singer
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Toss up between Blake Lively and sloths
OBSESSIONS: S'mores, The Nanny, Ferris wheels, floral dresses, love stories
FAVE COLOR: Olive green (also the color of my eyes 😉)
FAVE MOVIE: Before We Go (hey there, Chris Evans)

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. I started this blog a long time ago (when I was 14!) to gain a sense of style. Since then, Wise Soul has become a place to share tips on living life confidently, styling yourself, and travel.

I'm from the green suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. I've got no accent to prove it, but I always have an appetite for pulled pork, cornbread, and grits. I grew up in a super musical/performer family. From year one of my life, I had a camera on me daily, thanks to my scrapbook-savvy momma. I knew how to "cheese" for the camera before I could even talk. Perhaps that's why I feel so comfy in front of the lens. A true creative and torn omnivert, I spent my teens figuring out my style (on this here blog), selling vintage clothes, learning Photoshop and HTML, as well as performing in musicals and show choir.

In 2013, I took the thirty-hour drive to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University. I had the pleasure of being in a performing group there called the Young Ambassadors, singing and dancing our way to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. After my first year though, I realized how much college wasn't for me. Miss Free Spirit wanted to fly far away from generals and a grid-locked schedule. 

Since then, I've spent time exploring my freedom, and in early 2016, I jumped out of my comfort zone and began pursuing my acting career. So far, I've done indie films, commercials, and a Hallmark Christmas movie! I've got some exciting projects a-brewing this year. You can see my whole portfolio on my personal website.

And then I blog because I love sharing advice, life lessons, and pretty imagery.

I hope you leave Wise Soul feeling inspired and refreshed, ready to live your life more fully. 

Thanks for reading! xx  


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