6 Ways to Get Happy Right Now

February 07, 2017

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 I believe happiness and kindness should spread like the plague. I'm here sharing 6 ways to find your smile. 

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1. Care less about what others think.


I've spent a ton of time trying to figure out what people think of me. Does it really matter? Stop assuming people think the worst of you, stop making life decisions based on what others think. Be you and follow your heart.

Also, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You see people's highlight reels on Instagram and Facebook. That ain't real stuff. You know that, right? They don't post the pictures of their credit card bills, their tear-stained faces after a bad day, or their tragedies. Please remember that. Comparison is the thief of joy.

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2. Give yourself some credit.


You get up everyday. You're trying. That in and of itself is amazing. Clap for yourself for every little achievement you do. I've been doing that lately and have felt like I have accomplished the world (even if I just went to the post office and did my laundry. Haha).

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  3. Take care of yourself. 


In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, TREAT YO SELF. Allow some time for you to take care of yourself. Take a longer shower. Paint your nails. Do a body scrub. Spend some time meditating about your life and goals. Write down your worries and thoughts. Decompress.

Yes, you deserve it!

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4. Feel your feelings.


I've tried to achieve this level of 100% perfection in my life, so I've tried to always be happy. When I was in my acting class performing a monologue last year, my professor stopped me, and said, "You're sad today, McKenzie." I kinda took a step back, and replied, "Yeah, I am." I had put up that wall of constant happiness that I didn't even take a second to reflect on how I actually felt. My professor said that the second we feel our feelings, whether good or bad, we are able to move on so much faster. 

Don't bury your feelings and save them for later. Feel that ish. Cry. Hit something (like a pillow). Let it out. That will allow you to get over your feelings faster. When I have a good 5 minute cry, I let out the feelings, and then I'm able to have a much better day. 

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5. Get in the mindset.


Sometimes happiness doesn't always come. There was a period of time where I was consistently sad, and I woke up one morning and the thought came to me to choose to be happy. Look for the good instead of focusing on the negative, and I'm sure you'll be able to find your smile. 

Don't forget to be grateful. Every time I have to park like a mile away from the grocery store, I always remind myself how thankful I am that I can actually walk. There are many things we take for granted. When we take a step back and realize how much we do have, the world gets a little bit brighter.

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6. Take a deep breath.


Sometimes we get into the mindset that it's a bad life. I used to quote Jacob from Twilight saying, "Life sucks then you die." That is WRONG. It's not a bad life, sometimes it's just a bad day. Make sure to distinguish that and keep it in perspective. 

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I want you to be happy—truly and authentically.  It starts with you and your mind.


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  1. Awesome tips thanks for sharing! Btw I'm kind of obsessed with the tiny buttons on your shirt lol. It adds such a cute touch

    1. Thanks Kate! Haha, I totally feel ya. I love everything about the shirt. I wish I could wear it everyday.


  2. Amazing post <3


  3. Stumbled upon you and grateful for it...lovely post and pics! Many blessings! xo

    1. Lisa, thank you! I'm glad you stopped by. Hope you're having a great week!


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