how all of my dreams came true last year

January 31, 2017

vision board

I am a visual person. So, writing down my goals is great as a list, but really, I love seeing them in pictures hanging on my wall. Enter vision boards. With them, I am able to see my goals everyday. It helps remind me what my priorities are. I made one early last year, and within weeks, my dreams were coming true. Really.

Proof in the puddin'

2016 vision board make your dreams happen
My 2016 Vision Board
My 2016 goals were: getting fit, acting in movies, dating Chris Evans, and traveling.
  • I lost 5 pounds within the first 3 weeks of having the vision board on my wall, and I continued to lose over 25 pounds.
  • Two weeks after pinning it to the wall, I was on my first major film set and have been on over 15 sets since.
  • One month later, I befriended a guy that looked weirdly like Chris Evans. 
  • I traveled to Tennessee, Hawaii, and San Fransisco before the year was over.

I also have family members who have had countless successes from their vision boards, astronomically cooler than my story: making more than six figures 💸, meeting lovers 💑, getting a Range Rover 🚙, etc.

Give it a shot

So what I’m telling you is, these things work. I mean, you've gotta work too, but if you envision yourself where you want to be daily, it can come true. #poet

Or your money back...well, this doesn't really cost any money, just your creativity and like 20 minutes, so what do you really have to lose?



  •  poster board/bulletin board
  •  magazines
  •  scissors
  •  tape/glue


1. Figure out your top goals. 

I immediately thought of this scene. Don't mean to get onto you, but it's time to figure out what you want out of life. "What do you want?"


2. Gather magazines. 


Alternatively, you could use paint and do it on your computer. Do people still use paint?
Or create a Pinterest board of your inspiration. Your call.
*I've done both of these and they work just as well!
stack of magazines
Yep, I've got a lot of magazines. 🙈


3. Turn on music. 

I mean, it's completely optional, but I always enjoy some tunes playing in the background while I'm getting creative.

Here's my feel good playlist that I've had on repeat lately.


4. Flip through the pages of the magazines. Look for words, phrases, or pictures that align with your goals.

looking through magazines


5. Cut out those "chosen" things.

cutting out clips from magazines


6. Gather your clippings and either glue or tape your goals onto a poster board or bulletin board.

magazine typography clippings


7. Pin it on a wall that you look at daily.

If you did it digitally, print it out or set it as your desktop wallpaper.
colorful push pins

8. Visualize and work towards your goals.

Take a moment every day to look at your vision board and see if you're making decisions and doing things that are bringing you closer to your goal. From here on out, there will only be good vibes coming your way. 🙏
good vibes only graphic
wanderlust vision board 2017

I hope this inspires you to make a vision board. It allows you to be creative and really understand what is most important to you. I LOVE that there is no "right way" to make one. You can also read my recent post if you need further help finding your focus.

What are your tips for staying on track with your aspirations?

Tell me below!


  1. This is such a great article. I used to have a vision board and it really worked! Now I don't have a work table so no place where to put my vision board. But I will find a place. :-))) thank you inspiring me.

  2. Thanks for your sweet words, Miri! I love that you've tried out vision boards before. They're so awesome. I hope you can find some space for your new one!

    xoxo, McKenzie

  3. Love this post and how so many of your dreams came true! I'd love to hear more about your acting career sometime :)

    1. Jen! Thanks so much! :) I'll definitely be doing an update post on acting soon!


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