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May 16, 2015

blue dye dress

 This blue ombre dress is so fun and flowy. The dye in this dress shows just how summery it is. It's actually a tank dress, so I added a navy blue short sleeve underneath to make it modest. I usually am completely against wearing shirts underneath dresses or tank tops, but you can't even tell there's a difference because it's the same color. #ModestHack It's been rainy the past couple of weeks so it's fun to see this bright, sunshiny pictures. As I shot these pictures, I definitely learned how easily it can get caught in the wind. Read on to hear the whole story.

yellow wall blogger style
marilyn monroe moment yellow wall

It's pretty busy, on a main road where we're taking pictures. Construction workers are nearby and people are constantly walking around. It was pretty windy and my dress kept flying up without me noticing {because it's so lightweight I couldn't tell when it was lifting}. Next thing I know, my dress COMPLETELY flew up right in front of this older couple walking by and they said to Kelsie, my photographer, "You just missed the best shot." I was so embarrassed as I had just flashed everything to the couple. Pretty equivalent of the feeling you get when someone walks on you while you're going to the bathroom {which has happened to me many times as well}. At least we used the wind to our benefit and got some cute shots where you couldn't see anything else. ;)

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  1. Love this outfit! And you're right, can't even tell you have a tshirt under the dress! I did that when I was in Greece, but you could totally tell, haha (the dress dipped too low for me so I just dealt with it.)

  2. Love the dress! I would've never know you were wearing a shirt underneath it!

    At least you'll never see those people again! lol!


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