March 30, 2015

My sweetest friend from Tennessee got me this amazing kimono! It's is all the way from Australia. It's a very good quality & so cute. I love how I can just throw it on and easily make a statement. It can be used as a coverup on the beach, over a dress, over jeans...the possibilities are endless. Keep it easy, keep it carefree.

Kimono: Arnhem (on sale!)
Top: Free People
Pants: Daisy Fuentes
Shoes: Nine West

My latest thoughts:

I send you all my love, wishing you the best!

P.S. I hit the milestone of 1,000 followers on Hot Commodesty's Instagram! So stoked! 
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  1. LOVE that kimono! Such a great piece, and has a great story!
    And yeeep.....sometimes you need to remember that you can't see everything going on in a persons life, so don't try to be like them. Be yourself and you'll be happy!

  2. Wow, a thoughtful and amazing gift! It looks beautiful on you!


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