thanksgiving in nashville

December 02, 2014

A little update from my Thanksgiving trip to Nashville and Atlanta!
My fam and I got to go to the Stevie Wonder concert in Atlanta for the first part of our trip.
Above is our view from our hotel room at the Marriott Marquis.
Such a sweet treat that India Arie was there as well! I've always been a huge fan of hers!
Never have I felt so amazing at a concert. It was a 3 1/2 blast of laughs, truth, and singing our lungs out.  It was a dream come true for my brothers, dad, and I. 
Back in Nashville, I was able to hang with one of my dearest friends as she showed me around her new land.
It was so beautiful!

I'm often asked where I got this sweater. It's vintage from Goodwill. 
Scroll through 15 of my favorite similar sweaters below!
Feeling so thankful. Even though I can (and don't we all) get caught up in the materialism of life, I know that's it's okay to accept that what we have is enough, simplicity is enough. I love this ring from Mexico.

One of my favorite things we did over Thanksgiving was creating a parody to Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars hit, "Uptown Funk." My brothers, sister-in-law, and I rewrote it and filmed it, and edited it in 12 hours! It was such a blast! Watch below as my brother sings!


  1. Yayyy, love Stevie Wonder! :D
    And that coat is great, you definitely deserve to be asked where it's from, he he.

  2. Glad you were able to spend that quality time with your family!

    I've missed your posts :)

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  4. I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.



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