tribal and olive

October 09, 2014

jacket-old, top-J.Crew, pants-Forever 21, bag-Fossil, booties-Carlos Santana, sunglasses-Rayban

photos by Mailee Yang

Olive green will probably always be my favorite color. It's the color of my eyes and it complements my skin tone. Whenever I go shopping I'm drawn to the color. You'll see me wearing a lot of it.

I guess I have a thing for printed pants. I have quite a few. I bought these ones on super sale at F21 a while back and have loved how versatile they are!

My thoughts lately:

I feel as if I've been being a little too nostalgic of late and wishing some things could be the way they were. Such a mistake! We should neither live in the past nor the future, but today. Now. Not looking at regrets or better times in the past or waiting for better times ahead but making today the day. Growing. Learning. Becoming something better. Live in the present and realize that you've come so far and still have so far to go.


  1. I love that you can wear just about everything and pull it off with such ease.

  2. Lovely outfit and brilliant advice x

  3. I love the pattern of those pants! And the bag is a perfect match!
    Olive green is definitely a great color, but I hardly own any of it...oops. ha ha.

  4. Just stocking your blog and I love it!!!

  5. Cool pants! Great print!

    xo T.


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