the orchard

October 29, 2014

cardigan-525 america, dress-Sundance Catalog, bag-Shop Ruche, booties-Francesca's

photos by Mailee Yang

I'm kind of loving fall. Fall, I feel, is the essence of me. The colors, the earthiness, just love it all! I loved going to a quiet orchard and being surrounded by all of these beautiful colors. I'm not digging how white I'm getting though!

Funny story. As Mailee and I were driving back home after the shoot, we were just talking and laughing, and being surrounded by farmland where was livestock around. We saw a chicken cross the road and slowed down a little. What we didn't see is the second one crossing (we swear it had black feathers blending in with the road) and suddenly we hear a rolling thump as we killed the chicken. And when I say we, I mean Mailee since she was driving. ;) Definitely felt so sad afterwards, but it was kinda funny hearing Mailee's reaction.


  1. Fall is the best! So many great colors everywhere. I love the print of that dress mixed with the olive green sweater.
    Awww, poor chicken, ha ha!
    (I'm only 5'2", hehe. The magic of photo angles ! ;)

  2. OMG! Poor little chicken :( That must've been shocking!

    I love the lace on your boots and the cardigan.


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