October 27, 2014

I am so thankful for the amazing amount of love I received as I returned home over the weekend. It definitely was a hard time for me, but found some closure. I love Tennessee with all my heart and soul, and thankfully, I get to go back for Thanksgiving! 

top-Forever 21, skirt-Forever 21, booties-Carlos Santana, bracelets-Nordstrom & Thailand

photos by Mailee Yang

I love how these pictures turned out. It's funny because we only got to take about eight before Mailee's camera started acting up and we had to call it quits. And though my hair was beyond frizz, I love the glow of the sun on my hair as it was rising against the water!

I'll never forget when I wore this skirt for the first time and my oldest brother asked if I had just come off the prairie. I was offended then, but now I take it as a compliment. ;) I love the gauzy flow of it with the tribal top.


  1. Love the lighting in these photos!! I HATE when my camera starts being annoying, but at least you got some great shots before it happened!

  2. You are seriously breathtaking! I love these photos and I think your hair looks gorgeous.

  3. Oops sorry, that was me! I was signed into my other account


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