provo fashion week look 1

October 14, 2014

top-Old Navy, skirt-Nordstrom Rack, heels-Betsey Johnson, clutch-from Cambodia, sunglasses-Shop Sosie, earrings-Francesca's, necklace-from Vietnam

photos by Mailee Yang

My official classification of my style is earthy & elegant. It depends on the day which side I'm leaning towards more. For the VIP Event of Provo Fashion Week that I had the opportunity to attend, I went with this outfit because I felt it was elevated and dressed up but still earthy.

We grabbed these shots quickly before we had to go inside.

I just love anything scalloped and the metallic gold Betsey Johnson heels are no exception! My "clutch" was really a lunch bag that was given to us on my tour in Southeast Asia with the Young Ambassadors. I like creating multiple uses for things I own. :) And then the very J.Crew-esque necklace was found at a market in Vietnam. Unfortunately, before the night ended, my necklace broke. Haha. It's all good, you just roll with it.

What's your color that you always go back to when shopping or picking something to wear? 
(mine is obviously olive green)


  1. Loving this look! It's the perfect mix of classy and hippie! The necklace is really cool, such a shame it broke!
    My color is burgundy, or purple

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful and talented young woman you have become!

  3. That's wonderful that you got to attend a fashion show! I am a bit jealous ;)

    I think Olive green is definitely one of your colors! I also love that necklace.

  4. Love this look! I so adore the cream + olive pairing.

    - Sarah :)


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