neutral turtle

October 18, 2014

turtleneck-Forever 21, pants-old, hat-Forever 21, booties-Forever 21, purse-Kohl's, sunglasses- Shop Sosie

photos by Mailee Yang

If I could wear hats every day, I would. Less upkeep with my hair and it just completes a look. I love this simple look of all neutrals. Turtlenecks are back in. 
My thoughts lately:

 I often feel I'm so far behind in many aspects of my life. But then I have to remind myself, I'm only beginning, only 19. I can't compare my beginning to someone else's middle or even end. I can only compare yesterday to today and see if I have improved.

Comparison is the thief of joy. No one has the same talents or personality as you. You have your own unique role to fulfill. 


  1. You're SO right! We shouldn't compare where we are at in life to other people's lives. We all have different stories!

    You look so good in this outfit! Seriously. And I love those sunnies :)


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