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July 15, 2013

 {top-Kohl's, skirt-Goodwill, wedges-Charlotte Russe, bag-Patricia Nash, jewelry-Target, Francesca's, F21}
I tend to always cut off my head in pictures because I don't like the way my face looks. Once a month, I will actually like a picture with my face. I don't like the top picture face here, but I knew I had to at least one of my face or it would be off-balanced. It's funny since I model, you think I'd have it down, but modeling is like acting for me. You become something else, not yourself. When it's just me, McKenzie, in front of the camera I just look dumb. Weird, huh?

I love this beautiful Patricia Nash tote. I found it in New York and loved how unique it was. While I was in Gatlingburg/Knoxville, Tennessee, I was able to stop by Ms. Nash's showroom and meet her! It was a delightful experience! She and her staff were so kind! As I browsed around, there was not a single thing I disliked. Here is something else  and this too that I'm loving by her. I don't think I'll ever look at another brand of handbags again.

I'm trying to cope with the fact that I'm leaving home in about 2 weeks to drive out to Utah..to stay! I'm nervous and so excited! Trying a new thing called exercise..wish I had a buddy to motivate me more. So far so good. I live next to a park so I run on over and do a few miles.

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  1. That tote is gorgeous!! And what are you talking about, your face looks great! :p


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