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June 20, 2013

Here are three videos that have me laughing every time I watch them!

 1. Ew by Jimmy Fallon with Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is a pretty girl..
 Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.

I often will be at work and one of the lines from this will pop in my head and I will burst out laughing. 

2. Paper Doll by John Mayer

Leave it to John Mayer to do something awesome like this. Not only is this song bashing Taylor Swift, but the lady prancercising the entire song is spectacular! I grew up listening to John because teenage brothers {at the time} were always listening to him or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

{Story Time} I played a prank on my oldest brother Ben probably about 4 summers ago.

John Mayer was coming into town for a concert and Ben had emailed him just showing him his songs and writing skills and maybe they could write together someday. After telling the family about it, he said, "Man, it would be so awesome if he would write me back, though he probably wouldn't." Well, little 13-year-old McKenzie had an idea to prank her big bro.

As he left for the concert that night, McKenzie slunk {anyone get that movie reference?} to his room and went to his computer and made a new AOL account called {which now does not exist anymore for some reason}. As she read what Ben had written to Mr. Mayer, "he" kindly wrote back an email to Ben that his email had been hacked so he created a new one and that he would love to meet up sometime and he loved Ben's songs and to keep up the good work and thanks for the email. The email complete and sent, McKenzie set back Ben's computer to its state in which it was left and waited anxiously until Ben returned home and read the email.

When he returned home, so happy with the great concert he just experienced he walked up to his room. McKenzie waited downstairs listening intently. A few minutes passed and then Ben exclaimed, "OH MY GOSH!!!! JOHN MAYER JUST WROTE ME BACK!!" {Silly boy, why would he have written you during his concert?} As he came down the stairs to proclaim the news to everyone, he saw McKenzie. And in that moment, she couldn't hold it in anymore. She burst out in a mischievous laugh. And then Ben realized that, no, it wasn't real. McKenzie had done this whole thing. And that was one of many great moments of my life.

 3. Onions & You sang by Meiko, video by me!
make sure to make the quality 720pHD for the best view of the video :)

This was my second video I made for my film class last fall. I learned a lot and am ready to get some legit stuff done! I hope it makes you laugh at least!

 If you have some awesome videos to share to make me laugh/cry/gasp/whatever please share! ;)

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