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July 22, 2011

 So, I finally got the camera I've been wanting for forever! I'm so psyched to take tons of pictures all the time, especially for my family's trip to the Philippines next week to pick up my brother whose been there for two years on a mission trip for my church. It will be a blast. I apologize for the lack of anything this past month. I've been extremely busy with friends, family, trips, and my babysitting job. Now, that summer is sadly coming to an end pretty soon, {school starts August 8} I'll have more time and more motivation with this sweet camera.
 Plain old wood from my deck. But I love the detail.
 My rack of clothes. No cool hangers.
 A sweater of mine. LOVE the detail! I can't get enough.
 My gorgeous mom on the phone with a client, probably. She does online scrapbooking with Heritage Makers. They do books, cards, invites, magazines, etc. In my unbiased opinion, it's better than all the other online scrapbooking sites like Snapfish.
The simplicity of a bun. :)

Ok, so I just bought my domain and I'm trying to figure it all out. {it's kinda confusing} But I'm hoping to get it somewhat setup before I leave Monday morning..we'll see.


  1. Congrats on the camera! Happy shooting. Can't wait to see all the new posts you put up with it! Love the bun. Simplicity is perfection when paired with the snazzy ideal outfit.

  2. Your pictures look gorgeous! I so want to explore photography with a nice camera but I'm such a shy photographer that I just can't seem to justify the purchase, haha. So excited to see your pictures in the future!

  3. Your camera takes beautiful photos! You and your mom look so lovely and I love your rack of clothes!

    Good luck on your domain :)


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