fear the possibilities.

June 13, 2011

Sometimes I just lay in bed and stare. And think and think. For hours I can do just that, until I'm too scared to get up, afraid of all the possibilities. I've been known to be too much in my head for my own good.
Lately I've been worried for my lack of desire for wanting to do real anything. My outfit-creating block. My goals that still aren't attained after many years. My blog layout, which is killing me because, let's face it, it's ugly and I just want something new, something fresh that isn't same old same old. I'm able to do stuff like this but Blogger is a whole different story. 
{all via weheartit.com}
so sorry if you totally hate my dramatic venting. i have more if you want..


  1. Mmm I know what you mean...it takes me forever to fall asleep because all I do is think :/

  2. awesome pictures! the second one reminds me of my saturday mornings<3 haha



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