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April 26, 2011

(cardigan-target kids, blouse-vintage, skirt-vintage, bag-unknown, wedges-urban outfitters)

This is what I wore Sunday for Easter. I would've posted sooner, but I've been busy up the wazoo!

I realized that this beautiful arrangement of polka dots outfit only cost around $33! The cardigan was on sale at Target for $8, the silk blouse for $4 from Goodwill (I get all of my vintage clothes from Goodwill), the perfect-in-every-shape-and-form skirt (seriously, so well made!) I got from good will for $7, the bag from Goodwill was $4, and the shoes from Urban Outfitters were on sale for $10.


  1. Love this outfit. Beautiful shoes :)

  2. Love the outfit! I love when I put together outfits and realize how cheap they are, haha :D

  3. You did such a beautiful job styling this outfit! I love the idea of pairing different colored polka dot patterns together! You're brilliant!

  4. I think I need you to come thrifting with me.

    I love the double polka dots in this outfit! You look great!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. Have I mentioned you're precious? You are precious! I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I love that you smile in your pictures. I see so many bloggers trying too hard to pose and looking angst-ridden in the process. We should feel happy when we're wearing pretty cloths, right? And you do, you always look like you're genuinely having a great time. It's so fun.

    And I love the outfit; I've never been to a Goodwill but you're convincing me!

  6. Wow you look so pretty and the polka dots look amazing on you !

  7. I love the combination of pink and blue polka dots! Really love it. You look so classic and modern at the same time. You make me want to shop ...


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