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January 12, 2011

1. Jill Stuart Cameron Dress $850
2. Lilac Whisper Belted Dress $47.99
4. Club Monaco Amber Dress $189
7. Rachel Pally Babe Dress $207
8. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Strapless Tuck Pleat Dress $295
9. Rory Beca Matteo Pocket Dress $163
10. Lover The Muse Lace Dress $763
11. Jill Stuart Astrid Dress $728
12. Rebecca Taylor Garden Gown $450
13. Halston Heritage Pleated Evening Dress $595

I myself am attending a Valentine's party. Actually I'm hosting it! I've got so many great ideas for it. The dresses above are the kinds of things I would love to see everyone wearing at my party. I would call it "Lighthearted." That's what I think of when I see these dresses. They are definitely varying in style.

At my party I'm having french macarons, ambrosia, finger sandwiches, sherbet punch, tons and tons of dessert. Just fun little foods. I'm going to have a photo station where all the guests will come and take pictures with a heart backdrop. We will play games (which if you have ideas, let me know!). And then the must, sappy love movies.

Does anyone have plans for Valentine's this year?
editorial from teenvogue.com in a February issue maybe 2007

When I saw this editorial in Teen Vogue a few years ago when fashion was an out-of-reach dream (then!), I instantly fell in love with this shoot! I absolutely love Valentine's and how she looks ten times better just cause there's a guy next to her. These outfits are also insane!!


  1. Ohhh my gosh, these dresses are so beautiful! Can I come to your party? ;) It sounds absolutely divine.

  2. Plans for Valentine's:

    1. Find a man who is boyfriend potential before 2/14.

    2. Not-so-subtly drop hints that I want to go out on Valentine's Day.

    3. Regardless of date status, wear the most romantic outfit I possibly can (without looking like I'm about to enter stage left, or like I'm a crazy, desperate girl). :D

  3. aww this is very cute!!! I am seeing my wedding photos to look like those in your post!!!

    I love the dresses that you posted especially the purple one...



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