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November 27, 2010

 (blazer-vintage, striped top-vintage ralph lauren, paisley top-forever 21, leggings-vintage, boots-forever 21, belt-vintage)

Wore this to our Thanksgiving party! It's quite a combo but once I put it on, I just knew I loved it! And the paisley is a top not a skirt! I had to scrunch my top into the belt for the effect. 

Had an amazing Thanksgiving, stuffed myself full! My brother came and surprised us from Utah. My mom started crying. We went and saw Last Three Days. Intense. SO good though! And last night we saw Morning Glory. I have never laughed so much! Great casting!

Pulled out the Christmas tree. Watched a Christmas movie. You know what I hate! I just want to snuggle up to someone for Christmas! It's making me jealous of all the movies I keep seeing. One of these days. I love wearing cozy things. My mom lighted the mistletoe candle. Guys Christmas is in a month!

Love you guys! :) Oh and do you see those black specks in the sky in the pictures? Those are birds that convene in all of our trees. When we open the door they flap away. So annoying! ;)

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  1. McKenzie... we need to investigate. Those Stupid birds are ALL OVER the neighborhood

  2. really cute outfit! one of my faves of yours.

  3. i really like this! love the blazer and the shoes! great outfit.


  4. that blazer is mesmerizing!
    loove it all.

  5. Love Love Love your outfit girl!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)


  6. Loving your blog! amazing outfit!
    come follow me I will follow back!


  7. wow you look so adorable, great combination, sounds like a nice weekend! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!


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