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October 01, 2010

Fab Finds of the Moment:
Belated Birthday presents, anyone? ;)

Frassy Rags Vintage Grey Mulberry Inspired Satchel £15.00 or approximately $24
The Mulberry bag "Alexa" is such a hit. Get a cheaper version.
 Preppy Blazer $15.80 from Forever 21
Everyone deserves to be a little preppy every so often.
 Stylish Modern Sunglasses $5.80 from Forever 21
Love these! They say Modern but they seem a little vintage-y.
Sweat pants seem cool now. Add the sequins and it glams it up. I really like these! They look structured and dressy.
 Navy Lover Dress $37 from Hallelu
I love how it's just different.
 Time Flies Watch $24.99 from Modcloth
So cute!! Not a bad price and it's small!
Vintage Leopard Bag $24.80 from Forever 21
I love it! Crossbody bag and can spice up any plain old outfit.
 Ruffled Leatherette Skirt $22.80 from Forever 21
Love that it's leather with a peplum-y ruffle style.
 Studded Peeptoe Clogs $34.80 from Forever 21
Clogs are everywhere! These have scallops on the side for a feminine touch.
Double Strap Pumps $22.80 from Forever 21 
These remind me of Alix from the Cherry Blossom Girl's Pour La Victoire pumps. Only hers have bows on them. I love the ankle strap and this just takes it to a new level.
 Faux Ostrich Handbag $28.80 from Forever 21
Such a fun, vibrant color. Crossbody or shoulder bag.
 Checkered Bubble Handbag $30.80 from Forever 21
Quilted or as F21 says, "Checkered" never goes out of style.
 A smaller version of the floppy hat. I can see myself wearing this on a cold, rainy day puddle-jumping.

  Leopard Print Cross-Body Bag $45 from YesStyle
Definitely knock-off Mulberry, but it's really cute.

Vintage 60s Everyday Blue Dress $19.99 from Fluke Store
I would love to just flounce around in this dress. Have a little sophistciated party or a picnic or something.

Vintage 70s Jumpsuit Romper $19.99 from Fluke Store
I've never had a jumpsuit before. I think it would be different. Wear it with some cute shoes.

Retro. And Cool. Love the bows.


  1. AMAZING AMAZING BAGS, droooollllllllllllllll, XOXO, j

  2. Alexa baaag. That design and the knock-offs of it are so cool. And I love the vintage romper! I'm surprised you've never worn one. They're absurdly comfortable and stylish at the same time. Great fun!

  3. That leatherette skirt is out of this world hot :) haha waaant!Great post xx

  4. Oh dear, it doesn't help that I love a lot of what you posted. The first bag is so cute and oh my goodness what a deal! The last dress is so gorgeous! Great post!

  5. the clogs and the dresses are awesome...if I am a billionaire darling...i would definitely give you a belated birthday present...

    love all the items above...


  6. Great picks here! I'm loving the "Mulberry" bags and that dress :D


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