but it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand.

October 27, 2010

(dress-H&M, shoes-Fred Flare, necklace-Forever 21)

I know I've had a post about this dress recently, but I don't think the pictures sufficed. I feel as if in these pictures, my true fashion blogger came out. Out in nature, walking, etc. IF that makes sense. Again, this dress is so easy to wear. I find myself wanting to wear it all the time!


(blouse-vintage, jeans-Hollister, shoes-Fred Flare)

Man, it seems like I wear these shoes a lot! I really don't. It just seems that the days I take the pictures, I'm wearing them.. It was a dreary day. It's quite a simple outfit, but it rained all day and it called for different levels of simple blue. I realized that what was missing was a leopard bag.

Inspired by Miss Alexa Chung:
(via pleaseticklemepink)
(via gardian.co.uk)
Of course, I don't have insane Chanel pumps.


  1. Such lovely leopard! You also did a great job in recreating her look.

  2. I love the dress...especially the prints oh so gorgeous my dear!!!! I can actually say you are in the right track love...

    especially the denims...wow!!! so pretty!!!


  3. You did an awesome job recreating her outfit!

    I really like the picture of you in the dress, with the wind whirling around... very pretty!


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