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September 29, 2010

So my 15th Birthday was yesterday! September 28, 1995
I didn't expect very much out of this one. My mom's presents to me were all of the things I've bought within the last month. Before we bought each and every one of them she said, "This will be your birthday present." So, I had absolutely no surprises. Which the surprises are the best part! You anticipate what you're going to get.

I used to lie about my age.
When I started telling the truth, I got looks.

Ever since I turned twelve people have thought I'm anywhere from 16-24. Christmas of 2007 I was attending a party and I was introduced to someone and they asked, "Are you married?" I answered, "No, I'm twelve." She said "Oh..." and walked away.

I've grown a lot these past few years. A lot this last year.

 My mom and me when I was two or three.

A twilight forest party (not the movie, but if Taylor Lautner were to show up, I'd be down with that) where we would  play games like hide n seek and such.
My mother is a planner. Every second of the day has to be planned. Oh, how I'd love to just do whatever I want for a day.
Have a little picnic then watch the sun go down.
Climb somewhere and just sit and think about life and view the world.
Walk down a lonely and forgotten road with a friend.
 Go to a foreign country (Namely Europe, this picture is Denmark) or just a cool place in general and wander.

I didn't get to do any of those things. I had tests at school and then spent most of the day flying to Las Vegas.

This is what I wore on my birthday..I've lost weight since then. 
(picture taken in July by Jim Oberman)

Dress: Courtesy of Trixxi
Top: (worn underneath) Kohl's
Shoes: Payless

Here's to another year of learning, growing, laughing, loving, heartache, bad days,  disappointment, and everything in between.


  1. Well, Happy Birthday Girl! Your life is just beginning. Don't let these days pass you by, by thinking too far into the future. You can do all those things, and more! Have a great year... sadie

  2. My mom would do that with me too, but then it's fun because you get to pick out what you want and like!

    Hope you had a great Birthday :)

  3. Oh, I'm the opposite - I absolutely hate surprises! Everyone thinks I'm so silly for it, but I always ask people to not get me gifts, haha.

    All your would-be birthday plans look so magical. I hope your day was a delight, as you are (:

  4. You do look older than your age, it can benefit you in a few ways ;)
    Love the dress

  5. happy birthday gorgeous!!

    stay young, pretty and wonderful!!!!

    surprises can be fun but as long as you are looking forward for another year....then it is all worth it...

    you look gorgeous!!!


  6. your blog is amazing and I´m really enjoying reading your posts!
    Happy birthday!!!!
    The dreams are amazing and I´m dreaming of flying to NYC on my birthday ...

  7. Happy belated birthday!! I hope your 15th year is filled with joy and wonderful things. :D


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