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September 03, 2010

Holy crap! This week is homecoming so it's been super duper busy. I mean I've barely gotten on the computer for five minutes. And my outfits weren't all that stylish since we had dress up days. I will have to show you some of them. They are quite funny. :) 

Studded Buckle Boots $32.80 from Forever 21

Immediately upon seeing these I thought of The Cherry Blossom Girl (Alix) from France. She has a pair just like these.

Of course not exactly alike but a lot of similarities.
Her boots are by ChloƩ Susan.
"Seriously feel like I'm holding back. Too afraid to be myself because someone might not like it. Would rather hide in the background..slipping..away. Losing myself in the dark. Failing to inspire anything, anyone. It shouldn't be, but it's easier to be this way." -Kendra from Stolen Inspiration 

So true. Who cares? I think everyone else is too worried about what others are thinking so that they don't notice any dumb thing we do.
Have a great weekend. Live a little. :)


  1. Oh wow, those shoes are so similiar! Very nice find :)

  2. WOW cool shoes love...great find!!!!

    since you introduce her in your blog I have been a fan of her blog ever since...


  3. LOVAH!
    You are now going to be my muse for this epoch of life.
    I am actually going to do some legit photography, and I need a model, and you need a photographer. So, we shall schedule times and make the magic happen.


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