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September 05, 2010

(via pandora)
I'm pretty sure I want to recreate this look. I mean I got the beauty mark and the bangs. Just not her insane hair and breathtaking beauty.

Click the images for bigger pictures.

It's so weird how it's slowly starting to transition to fall. I put a collage up in my room of tons of editorials and such from magazines to inspire me as I decide what to wear day by day. 

**Some girls at my school have seen my blog and were making fun of me today. I honestly don't care. It used to affect me but now it really doesn't. I've stopped worrying what others think of me, because really, I'm not here to impress them or worry what they think. I'm just being me, and I'm good being me.


  1. I think you will surely rock that look love...

    it is always fun to experiment!!!


  2. That would look very nice on you, cause it suits your features =)
    Good luck!


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