caving in for the cravin'.

August 24, 2010

need i say more?
Forever 21 of course. Seriously if all I got for my birthday was F21 gift cards and money (and these shoes before they sell out) I'll be perfectly fine. These make my heart skip a beat.

I don't have really any money in my bank account right I'm going to get some money and buy these. Only about $26 each.

As/If you comment: What are you really wanting right now?!


  1. So pretty and mouth watering! I don't think I'd be able to wear them though (they'd litereally kill me). I've been seeing these everywhere! They are so popular and I can't believe Forever 21 has them!

  2. Oh these are so adorable!! I personally believe that gift cards are underrated. They give you an excuse to go shopping and it's basically free...saaah-weet! I'm all about chunky knitted sweaters right now as I'm gearing up for fall. I hear you about the money situation though. I've already pulled out my knitting needles! xx

  3. Oh holy cow. I love the flower ones! That's a freaking adorable!

  4. Forever 21 is a killer in the bank. I will just about buy everything in the store!

  5. I know, right? Want the black ones and the polka dot ones they used to carry. Hope they bring them back.

  6. Snagged them both today! Hurry up and get em ASAP I have a feeling they'll disappear very soon!

  7. great picks love...cannot wait for you to wear them soon!!! AND POST IT!!!!

    love it...

    ahh I missing f21 here in Bangkok :(

    much love


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