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August 27, 2010

taking a step away from fashion..
Yesterday I did not eat any sweets for the whole day and the same has been for today. Hopefully, I can last a month or so and maybe I'll get used to not having sweets all the time. I used to have them after every meal. I figured that if I completely cut them out, I could lose some weight. So, we'll see. I got my September issue of Fitness magazine in the mail, and the recipes and workouts look awesome! Can't wait to try the recipes. ;) 
  Also, I'm thinking about trying out for the tennis team. I've never played it in my life and I'm not really the sporty type, but they do a lot of running to get ready for the season. And I think it's time I stepped out of my comfort zone. We shall see. It's not a definite yet.

and also..
I found this awesome Asian clothing online store with great prices and cute stuff!

Some of the cute things they sell:
 Go check out their store! They have everything there!

Hope everyone is doing well! :)


  1. Good for you! I am such a fan of eating healthy and working out. Definitely treat yourself every once and a while. It's ok to spoil yourself every now and then. I would also highly recommend drinking lots of water and start cutting out soda if you can. Most people notice a huge different when they stop drinking it. Tennis would be a great sport and it's active! Hope you're able to :)

    Thanks for the link to the new store! I'm going to look at it now :)

  2. Good for you hun! Just remember to treat yourself every now and again. I find I'm always more likely to stick to my healthy habits if I let myself cheat from time to time. Everything in moderation!

    Tennis is my absolute favourite sport so I really hope you pick it up. It's a great workout and lots of fun. I'm also a big fan of watching men's tennis ;) Enjoy your weekend! xx

  3. I have never in my life played tennis, wait except for on Wii. And I'm not good at that. Plus, I hate running. I once joined my school's soccer team in high school because a bunch of my friends were on it, and I sucked and it sucked. After $150 worth of soccer gear, my parents weren't happy about that.

    I prefer some good old fashioned work out videos. You can scream at the TV, you can pause and catch your breath when you need to, and most of all, if you get too hot, you can just strip down to your undies while you are running in place! Looove it!

    I just got the new issue of Shape because Kristen Bell is on it and I think she's awesome. I'm excited to read it.

  4. Tennis is really the only sport I have enough interest in to watch so I imagine it's the only one I would ever be interested in playing. It seems fun, I think! I hope you go for it and that it works out for you :)

    Aww, that store is so cute. I love the little shirt with the hat on it.

  5. Yeheey...not getting FIT is a big trend already...


    love the clothes on the store that you have found...
    thanks for sharing my dear!!!


  6. Hmmm... If you start playing tennis, I HAVE to come to a game. I still remember you in soccer in first grade...


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