allergic to kittens.

August 17, 2010

When seeing the comeback, it almost made me cringe.
I've never really been into kitten heels, they seem like they're for the people with lack of balance (which is me but I wobble along pretty well). They are easier on you're feet, needless to say, but ah, I don't know. Not for me, I guess. The last time I was into them (in my short life) was around the age of nine or ten when my mom would not let me wear regular heels because she didn't want me growing up too fast. (She still says that.)

And it seems like since I don't dare wear heels to school that I would like this trend, but nope. I think I might just start wearing them. People just usually whine to me, "Why do you wear heels when you're already tall?" Excuse me, that isn't why I wear heels, even though it is fun being anywhere from 6' to 6'2''.

And then the pointy toe, I used to be obsessed with it, but now it just seems so outdated! It will take me a while to get used to the trends.

aw!   (via google image search & cupcake jungle)--->

                                                            punny, huh?--

(via nicolette mason)
Like Nicolette said, "A kitten heel I can stand behind".

(And yes, I am allergic to kittens. I have extremely sensitive eyes, so if I pet them, then rub my eyes, which I do a lot, then my eyes will freak out and turn red.)                                                                              
I might eventually go for the kitten heels, who knows?
what do you think of them?


  1. I like small heels sometimes, but I'm not a huge fan of the pointy toe like everyone else is.

    Ohhh! The picture of the kitten is so cute! *squishes*

  2. Personally? I'm glad kitten heels are back. Because I'm not coordinated enough to walk in anything much higher. Yeah, that's embarrassing. I also like that they vibe with the whole Mad Men/1960s scene. As far as just looking at them, though, I''m much more partial to the Miu Miu version of a kitten heel. Those shoooes! But, yeah, in my dreams. ;)

  3. I love heels but not really the pointed ones...I was a fan before way back 2005 when I was in college...but when the pumps and wedges came out...I threw them away and just completely forgotten about them...

    great post dear...

    thanks for voting mwuah

  4. Oh, we are so on the same page! I don't find kitten heels flattering at all, and I do NOT want to go back to the days of pointy toe shoes. When I read that kitten heels were back, I recoiled in horror! (Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic.)

  5. i do love the abnormally high heel/platform trend but i'm loving the kitten heels especially since i'm already 5'7''

  6. Hey, you! So I just gave you a little bloggy award and I'm supposed to "notify you with a comment", so I'm doing that. :) You don't have to repost the award and all that if you don't want to. I wasn't sure, some people aren't really into the whole awards thing but I wanted to pick you!

    xoxo Have a great weekend!

  7. hey love:)
    great blog! love your pics :)
    im not sure about kitten heels either...

    love kerry

  8. I sighed with relief when the kitten heels were out of fashion and now I'm pretty scared again:) Hope this trend won't stay for long this time!


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