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July 09, 2010

I like floppy hats.
(via women's health mag site)

I just had to feature Julie from Helping Dress Myself and her lovely dress. I flipped when I saw this! :) It's so flattering on her and it's just cute period. And it's vintage. I love her style! Go check out her blog!

I love what she said on the side of her blog:
"what the body's supposed to look like."

That made me smile. 


Photoshoot tomorrow. I've put a lot of thought into my outfits. I think everyone will think I'm insane with what I've picked out. But hey, it's my style. :)

So yeah, I really haven't posted any outfits this week. Sorry.


  1. Your friend is a cutie, happy weekend :)) xoxo

  2. oh I love the dress on her...I am totally a great fan of vintage styles...

    great post!!!

    take care love

  3. Cute dress! Also, Hilary's getting really toned and Ashley Greene is so stunning, it's ridiculous.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment- loved your post! xxx

  5. Ashley Greene looks amazing in those photos.. I agree about the floppy hat!

    And yes, that is exactly what a girls body is supposed to look like...



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