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July 01, 2010

Toycamera Analogcolor. Haven't paid for it yet, so they leave the logo there.
Find a Face De-Puffer How-To for me. ;)
Eating M&M's in my pantry. Apparently they all went to my arms. :P
I disliked my face, so I chopped it off. Problem solved.
It's been a loong week.
Not that I ever do the workouts*..but I am considering the good for you junk foods. ;)
(Old black cropped top, Target Stay Free tank, American Eagle jeans, Keds, thrifted ring)

This was the regular whatever-I've-had-a-bad-week outfit. I just walked around my house and took these pictures cause I was so dang bored. I nanny and not ONCE did I babysit this week. And the mother didn't care to let me know but once. So, plans I could've made, a roadtrip I could've taken..couldn't happen. Cause I was sitting around waiting for her to call. I'm sorry. I had to vent. Looking at these pictures, I'm like whoa. My mirror tells me a whole different story. That's probably because it's a skinny mirror. Ha. So don't worry that I'm insecure. I just like laughing at my flaws that I've come to love.

*I'm considering doing the booty camp workout from Fitness Magazine. Writing on the blog will hold me to it.

So, with the words on the pictures..I was just playing around. I used to graphic design a lot. And I've missed it. So, yeah. I used to do stuff like this:
 Using Photoshop CS (Random girls)
I used to have one of those myspace layout sites where I made layouts and did funky signs like that.


  1. Cute blog! You're funny and I like how you use photoshop =)

  2. aww you look so cute on most of your photos...and lovely house...

    take care always...

  3. Very cute photos. I remember using a lot of Photoshop tricks for my photos too but I haven't done so in so long that I don't remember some things haha.

  4. Thank you dearie for your wonderful comment, and I am so loving your blog and I am definitely following via bloglovin, happy weekend, love love, jemina, xoxo

  5. the photos you took are awesome ! so is your graphic skills, i wish i was as good as you :)

  6. I am so glad to know you! Wahoo for LDS fashion bloggers :) You have got great style, girl. Excited to read more!

  7. Love the new photos, great colors. Tell me about this new camera??? I like it!

  8. You look so pretty in your pics(:

    I love this post!


  9. These pictures are so funny !!
    Really interesting blog (clothes adds...)!

  10. Thx for your comment :)
    Just put a new tool on my blog, hope it works well in English !

  11. i really love your taste girl.. and i really mean that.. i enjoyed nearly all of your posts, and photos, and the photos you chose from other sites.. kudos.. i'm excited to follow along! :)


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