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July 25, 2010

So, I'm going out of town until Friday. Sorry! I know, I was just in Arizona. When I get back, tons of outfit posts and such. I'm not leaving this blog in the dust.

While I'm gone, watch this:

Sorry, if this doesn't make you laugh. That means we don't share the same sense of humor. ;) I would totally make videos like this if I had as sweet a camera as him. I would make cover music videos. I can "see" them in my head when I listen to songs and I have so many ideas!! I should do that.

Have a good week. Do something you've never done. :)


  1. have a wonderful weekend as well dear!!!!

    I am just doing some back logs with work and blog visiting as well...before going on another trip with the hubby later!!!

    take care gorgeous!
    have fun!!!

    much love

  2. OMG McKenzie! That's HILARIOUS! The gun part reminds me of the story I told you about my mom and me talking about the concept of murder-suicide. LOL


  3. HILARIOUS!!! thanks for sharing the video, and wishing you a fabulous monday!!! xoxo

  4. lol..that is so awesome and hilarious! You should definitely do some videos!! xoxoxoxoo

  5. Bon Voyage!
    I can't wait to go back to AZ.. :)

  6. Hey McKenzie! No idea that my blog was listed on yours until I checked my blog's visitors ;) It really means a lot to me!

  7. you should def do that!! must be a true talent if you can see it in you head:)

    thanks for taking the time to visit my blog:)

    am following yours!!

    love kerry




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