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July 03, 2010

Found this nifty collection of vintage-inspired clothing called Lady Marshmallow. That's a sweet name! :) I would love to have all of their items from their collection! Fun Fact: They come from Alicante, Spain.
A few of my favorites from their lookbook:

They also sell vintage.

Very fun and fresh! :) They are still adding more from their Summer collection. Check out their Etsy Store.
Definitely one of my new favorites! Now I just want to go to the beach with retro Lolita-inspired clothes.


Floral Cluster Ring $3.80 from Forever 21
  Spring Garden Ring $4.80 from Forever 21

Floral Rings. Forever 21 comes out with a new one almost every few days so check it out. 


I just got a debit card. I was nagging my mom about it cause she always freaks out when I want to buy something online, so she finally gave in and let me have one. My nannying money is gonna go fast. And it's not even much. I need to set my mind straight before I buy anything though. What are some essential items you think everyone should have in their closet? I'd just like to hear everyone's opinions.

These shoes are too cute! :)
Everyone, have a happy and safe rest of the weekend! 

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  1. haha haven't played chubby bunny in so long! love the first piece and all the rings :)

    thanks for the lovely comment!
    hope you visit again,
    and feel free to follow!

  2. I like the first Lady Marshmallow dress! :)

    Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

  3. Perfect dresses-check. Awesome name-check. European street cred-check. I'm in.


    P.S. I read those fitness mags religiously too despite the fact that I rarely take their advice.

  4. thanks for sharing this one...

    I really love the dresses...

    take care love

  5. some things i think every girl needs in their cupboard: a plain white shirt or blouse, a nicely cut black dress and of course a nice pair of high heels :) oh and i love to wear cardigans to almost anything, sooo practical when it gets a little chilly outside!

  6. Very cute styles. I want all of them! Haha. I especially like the fourth style with the dress and hat(:

    Great Post!


  7. OMG - how good is this collection! I want every piece :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion


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