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June 14, 2010

I thought I'd tell a little bit about myself. Sorry if I bore you. This is the official "take a snooze" post.

I'm from a suburb of Nashville, TN. Born and raised here. No accent, my parents are from Idaho and Utah. My entire family is musical. We all play piano. Some of us play guitar, and we all sing. My dad is in a country band which he play the keyboard in. I have 3 older brothers. Ben, Chad, and Casey. I'm the baby. My personal interests besides music are acting, photography, graphic design, writing, and fashion obviously.

I plan to have a career in singing and acting separately. No Broadway for me. I would love to eventually write a book or some clever shindig. And direct music videos. I can see them in my head when I listen to music.

That pretty much sums it all up. That and mysteriously never revealing my age. You think you know??

 Any questions? I'd love to answer. :)


Thanks for the sweet comments lately! Means the world. New outfit post coming soon. Sorry.

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  1. Hi McKenzie!
    I found your blog on IFB and really am enjoying reading all of your older posts. I understand the 'small town' thing and like finding blogs that are by people who don't live in big cities with unlimited access to all things fashion! I think the small town girl blogs can be more interesting and often more creative. If you get a chance check out our blog
    We would love to hear your feedback - comment your opinions and follow if you like what you see. Looking forward to reading more from you! xoxo


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