guess what? olive juice

May 29, 2010

Pink Rose maxi dress, African sandals, gifted peace necklace, Mexican dolphin ring.

This dress is extremely long. It's insane! And I'm 5'10. But I loved it cause I felt like a goddess, so I had to. It definitely shows off my curves. I got so many looks from people at the mall. People just don't wear stuff like this here. See, that's why I'm finding my style cause I used to be jeans and a tee gal. And sorry for the lack of location. I'm changing it up soon.


  1. I truly think it looks amazing, I'm almost a foot shorter (4'11'') and I just look lost in a maxi dress, lol. Keep on wearing things that make you smile even if people around you don't understand, haha it's quite fun leaving them looking perplexed, lol.


  2. You look so beautiful in that dress!:)


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