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May 23, 2010

Charming Charley shirt, Behnaz Sarafpour x Target (like 4 years ago) jeans, OlgasBoutique necklace, Topshop ballet flats

1. My box for my Jizz nail polish made me laugh. It says NEED JIZZ JIZZ. It doesn't mean to really say that. I got it from Need Supply and it's called Jizz. That's why.
2. Me creepin... :P Not really on anyone. I'm not like that.
3. Some gladiator wedges I got. :) Insanely comfy. Doesn't even feel like I'm walking in wedges. 
4. On my deck at sunset. So pretty. Some of the pictures are grainy. I have a not so good camera.
5. My go-to nail polishes. Rimmel Black Satin, Rimmel Steel Gray, and Bleach Black Jizz.
6. On the deck. I don't really look like that! Horrible angle. Or maybe it's just the shirt.
7. Piano room at my house.
8. YAY! My insane necklace from Olga! Got so many compliments on it. She's so talented.

Low prices. :) Just email me at

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  1. you have a great blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing, love it



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