my heels sinking into the ground

May 30, 2010

When your heels are sinking into the ground (all women have experienced this at some point in their lives) continue to walk on the balls of your toes rather than keep your weight in your heels. I learned this after taking these pictures after a flood in the park.
Me: Forever? Dress, Metro Zipper Heels via Fredflare, Charming Charley necklace, thrifted glass ring, gifted bracelet.

Hannah: Ross dress, Target sweater, Ann Taylor LOFT flats.

Me and Hannah at the park today. Had so much fun! It was so muddy, though. It had flooded right there, so it was bad. My heels got like 3 inches in mud. Do you spy something? :)

Catch my more recent look in the same location.


  1. great pictures and your dress is stunning, love the details of the dress!!

  2. i adore the setting in these photos. gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  3. Great photos! I love that black dress. You two are cute!


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